How to Clean a Vape

how to clean a vape -

How to Clean a Vape

How to clean a vape

Knowing how to clean a vape is an essential part of being a vape user. Remember how your vape worked fresh out of the box, the clean fresh taste and the instant draw power? – it can be like that for the life of your vape with proper cleaning and maintenance!

This article aims to provide the ultimate guide on how, why and when to clean your vape.

Why is it important to clean your vape

Cleaning your vape ensures that your liquid tastes great. Proper cleaning also ensures your vape performance stays at peak levels. It also goes without saying that cleaning your vape ensures hygiene.

Your vape tasting burnt or a bit weird is a classic sign that you should give your vape a clean.

How often should I clean my vape?

Cleaning your vape should be done on a regular basis, how regularly depends on what type of vape user you are. If your vape never goes in your pocket, and you’re a light user we recommend 1 clean per month. If on the other hand you’re a constant vaper and work on a building site we would recommend 1 clean per week at least.

How to clean vape tanks

There are two methods to clean your vape tanks. The quick wash method using warm water and the deep clean method using a solvent.

The quick wash method for a cleaning a vape tank

Items required:

  • Small brush, pipe cleaner or other tool to clean the tank
  • Warm water
  • Soap detergent

Detach your tank, coil and battery. Fill a bowl with warm water, add a drop or 2 of detergent into the warm water. Proceed to use a small brush to clean the parts of the tank. Once clean take each part out and dry with a paper towel. Sit the components of the tank on a paper towel allowing for the water to run off. Leave for 15 minutes and ensure all components are water free before use.

The deep clean method using a solvent.

If you have eliquid residue that’s refusing to be removed we would recommend a deep clean using a solvent.

Items required:

  • Solvent or alcohol (alcohol gel also works)
  • Cotton bud

With the tank detached from the battery and coil. Pour some solvent or alcohol gel onto the cotton bud and let it soak in. Proceed to start rubbing the soaked cotton bud all over the areas where there are sticky residue. Once cleaned rinse the tank off with water and allow it dry completely.

How to clean a vape coil

How to clean a replaceable vape coil

First, you need to identify whether you have a replaceable or a rebuildable coil in your vape.

If your not sure about what type of coil you have in your vape, chances are you have a replaceable coil. Cleaning replaceable coils is not recommended. At best, it will only add a day or 2 before you have to replace it anyway.

We have tons of vape coils for all different types of vapes here.

If you still want to give it a bash and clean the replaceable coil, you can follow these steps:

  • Remove the coil from the tank and the battery
  • Soak the coil in a solvent, cheap vodka or alcohol gel
  • Let the coil sit in the solution for half an hour
  • Take out the coil and rinse with water and ensure no solution is left on the coil
  • Allow the coil to dry completely before use.

Please note this will only extend your coil by, at best, a few days. A replacement coil should be ordered asap.

How to clean a rebuildable vape coil

If you have a rebuildable vape coil, cleaning the coil should become a part of your regular vape maintenance. A well maintained rebuildable vape coil will last ages and will keep your liquid tasting great.

Light cleaning of the coil can be done by removing the wick element from the coil and preforming what is known as a “dry burn”. This is essentially heating your elements till you see them glow for a few seconds. Doing this can burn off any residue that may be on the coils.

If you find your coil needs a bit more cleaning than a dry burn. We recommend disconnecting it from the battery and brushing lightly with a tooth brush. Brushing with the tooth brush and water or coil cleaning liquid.

Frequently asked questions on cleaning your vape

How to dump out vape juice

It is advised not to pour your vape juice down the drain or dispose of it in your normal bin. Large quantities of e liquid should be taken to your local recycling centre.

Can you clean vape coils with vinegar

Yes, you can clean rebuildable coils with vinegar you can even use cheap vodka or lemon juice!

How to clean a vape battery

If your battery contacts are dirty we recommend using a solvent dipped cotton bud to gently wipe the contact to remove and dirt or grime.

Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil

The two most common ways that your vape will taste burnt with a new coil are:

  1. Your voltage is set too high
  1. Chain vaping