The Best 18650 Battery Packs On The Market UK

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The Best 18650 Battery Packs On The Market UK

The Best 18650 Battery Packs On The Market UK

Picking the best 18650 battery for your vaping device might seem like a task that is not so important. But having the right gear that you can rely on is actually very important. It’s very frustrating when you run out of battery life and you could go a wee vape. If you don’t have your cable / vape charger and a power source it can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s important to check out our list and learn if you should get the Panasonic 18650 battery or maybe go for the Aspire vape battery?. Find out below.

This post will have some technical vape jargon which might sound a bit confusing. We thought it might be good to include meanings for these vape terms before you start reading.

Maximum discharge current – this is the absolute maximum discharge current that the battery can produce to power your device. Operating at a high maximum discharge current can drain your battery much faster.

Nominal voltage – nominal voltage is a measurement that lets you know to what supply circuit you can charge a battery without damaging it.

Maximum voltage – the maximum voltage can vary from battery to battery and the higher the voltage your batter has, the more powerful charger you can use.

mAh – mAh is short for milli-Amp-hour ,it’s a capacity measurement. Essentially it tells you how much power you can store in your battery and how long your battery will last before it’s depleted.

Pulse discharge – a periodic current that improves charging efficiency and increases the life of a battery.

Now that you know the terms please checkout our list of the best 18650 battery packs available online.

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Walst 18650 Battery

The Walst 18650 battery is one of the best batteries for the value. It’s not very expensive and only costs £5.99. It’s definitely the best value for the money. The battery has a 2500mAh capacity and 3.7V voltage. The maximum discharge current is 35A which is perfect for this type of battery as it will last for quite some time.

VRK 18650 Lithium Battery

The VRK 18650 lithium battery is a very good battery that we recommend to our customers. It’s a bit more expensive but the capacity is also bigger at 3000mAh. This 18650 battery voltage is 3.7V and the maximum discharge current is 30A, costing £9.99.


Probably among the best 18650 battery for vaping. It’s reasonably priced at £9.99 and has a great capacity of 3500mAh. Its nominal voltage is 3.2V while the full voltage reaches 4.2V. The maximum continuous discharge on the Sanyo is 10A. It has the protection from overcharging, short protection, and over-discharge.

Sony VTC6

The Sony VTC6 is probably the best 18650 battery the UK has to offer. It comes at a decent price of £8.99 and has a capacity of 3000mAh. The maximum voltage discharge is 3.7V which is the average rating compared to other batteries.

Samsung 18650 Battery 30Q

The Samsung 18650 battery is quite affordable and worth it for what you get. It’s a battery that will serve its purpose quite nicely and allow you to enjoy your vapes. It has a capacity of 3000 mAh and it’s 3.7V at maximum voltage. The price is £7.99 which is an excellent price and worth the money.

Samsung 25R

Another one of Samsung’s batteries that made our list is the 25R battery. It’s slightly cheaper than the 30Q but that doesn’t make it a bad battery. It has a lower capacity of 2500mAh but the same 3.7 maximum voltage. It costs £6.99 which is £1 cheaper than the 30Q.

Samsung 20S

Samsung has some of the best batteries for vaping. It’s no surprise that 3 of them are on our list of the best 18650 battery packs sold in the UK. The Samsung 20S has a smaller capacity than the other two, capping at 2000mAh. It has the same maximum voltage capping at 3.7V and it’s rechargeable. Because of the smaller capacity, you will have to charge it more often. Although, how often you charge all depends on how much you use your vaping device, costing £8.99.

Golisi S30 18650 Battery

This battery is extremely well-designed but it’s also a bit pricier than the rest. It’s a battery that has an incredible 800 life cycles and high power performance. Its capacity is 3000mAh and the constant discharging current is 25A. It’s also one of the 18650 protected battery packs. It has a mechanism that ensures it stops working if any short circuit occurs, so you don’t have to worry about fire or leaks. It costs £11.99 and even though it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum it’s really worth the extra cost.

Golisi G25 18650 Battery

Another battery from golisi is the G25. It’s a researchable battery that has a capacity of 2500mAh. The constant discharging current is 20A. The battery is built for high performance even when it’s more than half empty and it stays at 25A. It’s cheaper than the S30 and costs only £7.99.

Golisi G30 18650 Battery

This is another powerful battery from golisi that has a capacity of 3000mAh. It’s safe and economic while remaining very powerful. Its constant current is 25A while the nominal voltage is 3.7V. It weighs about 48g and is best stored at room temperature. It costs £10.99.

Molicel P26A 18650 Battery

The molicel battery has amazing cells that perform excellently. They are the first batteries that are officially authorized for vaping devices. The capacity of the molicel is 2600mAh and the voltage it’s able to achieve is 4.2V. The price is affordable considering the quality of the battery and it is £8.99.

Maxcail 18650 Battery

The maxcail is one of the more affordable batteries on our list. It only costs £5.99. It’s basically a battery that has 3000mAh capacity and 3.7V maximum voltage. It’s discharging current is 40A which is quite high for this type of battery. Overall it’s good and a perfect choice if you’re on a budget.

LG M29 18650 Battery

The LG battery has a capacity of 2850mAh which is quite an unorthodox number compared to the rest of the vapes. The voltage of this battery when fully charged is 4.2V while the nominal one is 3.7V. This 18650 battery dimensions are 18mm x 65mm which is quite average of all the vapes on our list. It is a nice choice if you want a rechargeable battery at an affordable price of £7.99.

LG HG2 18650 Battery

Another LG battery that made our list because it’s very good is the LG HG2. It has a capacity of 3000mAh and has a Li-ion battery. Its maximum continuous discharge is 20A while the pulse discharge is 30A. It’s a bit more expensive than the LG M29 because of the larger capacity. Regardless, it’s still affordable and worth the money, it costs £8.99.

AWT 18650 Battery

AWT actually has 3 types of the same battery with different capacities. They are all great and affordable and the one that has 3000mAh capacity comes with a battery case and costs £9.99. They all have 3.7V nominal voltage and discharge at 40A. The one that is 2900mAh has all the same specifications and the price is £8.99 while the one that is 2400mAh costs £5.99. They are all good and will do the job you need them to do.

We hope our list helped you pick the best 18650 battery for your specific needs / vaping usage. If you would like a bit more help why not contact one of our sales colleagues who would be happy to guide you through your purchase.