Vape Shop Glasgow | List of The Top 22 Vape Shops in Glasgow [2020]

Vape Shop Glasgow | List of The Top 22 Vape Shops in Glasgow [2020]

Top 22 Vape Shop Glasgow Locations

Looking for a vape shop in Glasgow? We have compiled the biggest list available online of vape shops in Glasgow. We have also included maps and a description to each of the vape shops in Glasgow. So if you are searching Google for vape shop Glasgow, this article is for you.

Vaping has taken the entire world by a storm over the past few years. It is becoming more and more popular by the minute. That’s because more and more users decide to quit smoking and transfer to vaping.

Best Vape Shops In Glasgow

Vape Shop Glasgow East End

glasgow vape shop

East End Vape Co

East End Vape Co is our favourite on the list for obvious reason. They have an excellent vape shop with customer service that is second to none. Their staff gives out great advice and recommend the latest and greatest products. They are very friendly and will take the time to explain everything in an easy-to-understand way. They have great discounts and promotions on their products so you are bound to save cash. If you only have time to visit one vape shop in Glasgow go for the best, go for East End Vape Co.

VIP Premium Vaping and E-Liquids

The staff are very helpful and can recommend good products that they have in stock. It’s a vape shop that has fewer products than most but those that it does have are very high-quality. The products they offer are also not too expensive.

Vaporium Glasgow LTD

This shop is highly recommended because they have great products at affordable prices. The staff knows a lot about the products and they can help you with your choice. Their service is top-notch and they have high-quality products to offer.

Vape Stores in Glasgow City Centre


It’s a pretty good store with an excellent location. They have decent customer service and good pricing. They offer frequent deals that are beneficial for vapers. The deals include discounts on vape pen, vape pipe, vape liquid, vape juice and so on.


Vapour Frog

This vape shop is open till late in the night. It has a huge selection of e-liquids and the staff are very helpful. They often have great deals on their products. The shop has good customer service and pleasant employees.

Savoy e cigarettes/Misty Vape

This vape store is conveniently located in the centre of Glasgow. They have a nice selection of vapour pens. They also have some cool vape tanks in their collection. The staff are helpful and nice to the customers.


Vape 24

The quality of the products in this vape shop in Glasgow are extremely high. They have great staff that know their stuff. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They often have deals on bulk purchases for their products.

Prime Vapour

Prime Vapour is an excellent choice in the vape UK community. They have several shops in Glasgow. They have an excellent location and the staff are very friendly. Prime Vapour have a lot of premium and high-quality products in stock.

Vape City Glasgow

This Glasgow vape shop has a great reputation among customers. They have a lot of positive reviews. People enjoy the staff because they are knowledgeable and friendly. They have a big selection of vape liquids and vape juice. They also have a loyalty card that is an extra bonus for repeat customers. Joining their Vape club is definitely worth your while for repeat purchases.

Vaping Caterpillar Glasgow

Vaping Caterpillar has some of the best vape juices and best vape pen products in Glasgow. Their products are high quality and not too expensive. They have a delivery service that a great choice if you prefer to order from home.

Vape shop Glasgow Pencig E-Cigs

Pencig E-cigs is an awesome place with great service. Their store has an excellent atmosphere which is very nice. Their staff are knowledgeable and can explain which products you might enjoy. They have many products that are quite fancy. They sometimes have excellent offers and some custom vapes that you can get for a good deal.

VIP Kiosk Glasgow St Enochs

This vape shop in the UK has some nice reviews. Overall it’s not a bad place and you can get some great vaping products here. The staff are friendly and useful so they can help you with your choices.


Vape-o-holic is a pretty nice place where the staff are very useful. They are very helpful when a new customer comes in. The staff is willing to help the customer pick out the best vape juice and pen for their needs. They often guide the customers through the entire process.

Emporium Vapour

Emporium Vapour is a bit further than the city centre. They have excellent service that allows over-the-phone orders. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable about what they are selling. The quality of their products is good. Considering the affordable prices, the products they have are great.

Vape Monkey Glasgow

Unfortunately due to the pandemic crisis this shop has been permanently closed. It might reopen in the future but for now there’s no clear information.

Vape Haven

Vape Haven is a great place you can go to get some tasty vape juices. They have some of the best flavours and the quality of their vaping products is high. Their staff are educated in the latest trends and news about vaping. They help customers make the proper choice for their needs which is a big deal for vape beginners.


This shop has a lot of products to choose from at very low prices. If you’re on a budget this is a good place for you. They have decent products and skilled employees that can help you make the right decision.

Vape Shop Glasgow On the Outskirts

Vape Hub Online

Vape Hub is an amazing online vape shop that delivers excellent products. The store has many high-quality products such as vape tanks and vape juices. Their customer service is top-notch and the delivery is fast. The prices they have are cheaper than some and they don’t compromise the quality.

Vape Star

Vape Star has a lot of product choices. The staff employed in the shop have incredible knowledge and are able to help anyone that enters. They have top quality products with pricing in the average range.

Coatbridge Vape Shop

Coatbridge Vape Shop has very helpful staff. The owner of the shop is there often and he’s very nice and knowledgeable. The shops customer service is exquisite, and they have many great products to offer.

Vape Stuff

Vape Stuff have a lot of product choices. Their prices are affordable and reasonable. The staff knows the latest trends in vaping and they are willing to help the customers at all times. They give good advice to people who are new to vaping as well.

Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked is a shop that has excellent customer service. The employees are always nice and accommodating. They have no trouble helping customers. Guiding them through the process of buying a new vape product comes easy to them. The shop also has a lot of products you can choose from and their prices are reasonable.